Keeping your weight under control

Being overweight has physical, psychological, social and economic consequences. But deliberately losing weight is not easy. How do we control weight?
We are not talking about cosmetics (bikini) being thinner. They will almost inevitably relax at the end of the summer, because thick clothing will cover up the excess. This diet called “yo-yo” is not good for your health, but recent studies have shown that it is also not harmful. Our main message is to try to maintain beneficial weight loss results.

Those who manage to lose at least 510% of their weight will gain significant health benefits. However, these benefits can only last if weight loss is maintained. It is important to maintain weight loss indefinitely or, if possible, to take more steps to reach the optimal weight range for our height.

This may require major changes in lifestyle and habits. The previous article

emphasized that energy expenditure during dieting will drop immediately, but as weight stabilizes at a lower level, the energy required for resting metabolism and exercise will permanently drop. This means that the power input/output balance needs to be adjusted, otherwise the weight will inevitably be regained.

The energy input/output balance of a new, healthier lifestyle should be changed by increasing energy use (exercise) and reducing intake (food). Here are some practical suggestions.

a.Change is not just for a few days or weeks, but for life, a healthier life.

b.Plan ahead and seek the truth from the facts. If

c.changes are not compatible with our lifestyle, experience shows that it will not last. Compatible solutions can usually be found through advance planning. We are all creatures of habit, let’s make sure that habits are good.

d.Check your weight regularly each week. Keep your weight within 23 kg by adjusting your exercise and diet levels.

Increasing energy output
a.Experience shows that regular exercise is a vital component. Very few manage to maintain their weight loss unless they undertake regular exercise. Exercise helps the energy balance, improves heart and lung function, reduces self-pity, boredom and snacking time.
b.The higher the exercise level the better, but even walking or cycling rather than using cars or buses, and using stairs not lifts regularly helps.

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